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What Is Arizona’s Dog Bite Statute?

ARS § 11-1025 and ARS § 11-1027

Does Arizona Have Special Laws That Apply To Known Dangerous Dogs?

ARS § 11-1025

Are There Circumstances Under Arizona’s State Law Where A Pet Owner Would Not Be Held Liable?

ARS § 11-1027 : a property owner would not be liable if the dog was provoked. For example, the dog was poked with a stick.

What Is The Common Law Liability For Dog Owners In Arizona?

ARS § 11-1025.

What Are Some Common Circumstances That Lead To Dog Bite Injuries?

If the dog is scared or startled, it may bite someone to protect itself.

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Do Most Of These Cases Involve Strangers Or People That Know One Another?


What Are The Common Types Of Serious Injuries Sustained By Victims Of Dog Bites?

Lacerations, broken bones, muscle tears, PTSD, bruises, facial injuries, dislocation, amputations, scars, death etc.

What Steps Should Someone Take When They Are Injured In A Dog Bite Incident?

When someone is injured in a dog bite incident they should seek medical treatment, take down the information of the owners of the animal and finally hire an experienced dog bite attorney.

Should Law Enforcement Be Called To The Scene If Possible?

Yes, we need to file a report and also look into the history to see if there were any prior such incidents.

How Important Is Seeking Immediate Medical Attention After Being Injured In A Dog Bite Incident?

It is very important to seek immediate medical attention following a dog bite injury. Make sure to get vaccinated for rabies and get the wound cleaned to avoid infection.

What Information Is Safe To Share With A Treating Doctor In A Dog Bite Case?

Your medical history.

How Should The Victim Of A Dog Bite Injury Properly Document And Preserve Their Case Against The Owner Of The Dog?

The victim of a dog bite injury should:

  • Document pain and suffering
  • Document treatment and injury by way of medical records
  • Take several photographs of the bite & the healing process.

How Do I Begin The Dog Bite Injury Claim Process?

First, consult with an experienced attorney, then obtain the dog bite report and file a claim.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim For A Dog Bite Injury In Arizona?

Dog bite claims have a one year statute of limitations in Arizona.

What Happens If A Dog Bite Injury Victim IS Partially To Blame For The Incident?

Comparative negligence puts fault on more than one party and you will get compensated a certain percentage.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Is Hesitant To Sue A Loved One For A Dog Bite Injury?

Don’t be afraid that you are doing something bad. People have insurance to cover these types of incidents. The claim will be paid by insurance and not your loved one.

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