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Alexander Brown, Esq.

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"Alex The Lawyer"

Mr. Brown began his career serving his country in the United States Air Force, where he served honorably for 23 years, including multiple overseas deployments. Alex Brown retired in 2019, reaching the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force.

Alexander Brown is an attorney who specializes in family law, immigration cases, and accident litigation and is pleased to be representing clients and helping families from his office in Goodyear, Arizona.

His experience and understanding has been shaped through the hundreds of court hearings he has appeared in, as well as by all of the work he has done in multiple roles over the course of his legal career. Alex has excelled as an integral part of legal teams in various law firms across the valley and as a Government Attorney in the cities of Avondale, Tolleson, and Buckeye.

​The son of a Panamanian Immigrant, Mr. Brown has worked hard to achieve his American Dream, following in the footsteps of his parents.

​Alex began his career by serving his country in the United States Air Force. He served honorably for 23 years, during which he successfully completed multiple deployments overseas. Alex retired from the Air Force in 2019, after having been awarded the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force – a title only 1% of members achieve during their service.

While still in the military, Alex attended Wayland University in Texas before being accepted to the Arizona Summit Law School in Phoenix, Arizona where he graduated, leading him to his career as an attorney and continuing his life’s work of supporting people through diligence and excellence in his practices.Alex Brown now lives in Peoria, AZ with his family.

His strong work ethic which was grown during his time in the Air Force, the values ​​taught to him by his parents, and his faith and love for his family enable Mr. Brown to serve his clients with passion and distinction.


Client Testimonials

Family Defense And Family Law

An often-overlooked and important specialization for attorneys, family defense law, in particular, is the practice of representing and advocating for the rights of parents and the welfare of their children. Family defense attorney Alexander Brown works diligently with families in court or administrative proceedings who are experiencing actions brought against them by local child protection and social service agencies, or other individuals.

There has been a growing national movement to advance the rights of parents in these matters in order to seek healthy and just unification of children and their families, and Alexander Brown is pleased to be among those distinguished attorneys who do their best to advocate for the reunification of children with their parents.

In addition to this specialization, Alex practices law as a family law attorney. Handling cases ranging from child custody disputes to divorce, from domestic violence matters and protection orders to settling child support cases and forming marital agreements.

If you have a matter that you are seeking legal counsel for from a trusted family law firm, contact The Law Office of Alexander Brown for a consultation today, and speak with an experienced attorney who is ready to advocate for you and your family.


Alexander Brown is a personal injury attorney who understands that an accident that affects you or your loved one is an accident that affects your whole life. What’s more, the emotional stress and suffering that these accidents cause can affect you while dealing with the initial event, and can linger for long after it has passed.

If you’ve been involved in an accident of any nature, at work or otherwise, you are likely looking to find the best accident defense attorney for you and your situation in order to move toward your future.

Alex has proven success as a slip & fall injury attorney, handling workplace accident matters, and car accidents of many different varieties. He works diligently and tirelessly to advocate for his clients and their right to remedy for the difficult experiences they have undergone.

As an accident injury attorney, one of the most important things Alex can provide for you as a client is his work to fully understand the scope of your situation and your struggle in order to expertly and precisely navigate the legal web of personal injury law. Because of Alex’s attention to detail and scope, you can be sure you have achieved the best possible outcome for your situation, the outcome that you need and deserve.

Accidents happen, The Law Office of Alexander Brown is here to help. Contact our office today for a consultation regarding your personal injury matter and take a step toward moving forward.


As the son of a Panamanian immigrant, Alexander Brown has made it a point to include immigration law as a focus of his legal practice. These cases hold a particular value and importance to him which directly inform his unique perspective and understanding of the situations people and their families face when dealing with immigration matters.

Well-versed in laws surrounding citizenship, DACA, green card applications, VAWA, visas and more, Alex is an immigration lawyer with years of experience who is perfectly positioned to help you navigate the complexities and stress of any matter you may encounter within the immigration process.

If you or a loved one are seeking the advice and expertise of an immigration attorney in Goodyear, AZ that you can trust, don’t hesitate to contact The Law Office of Alexander Brown today for a free consultation today.

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 Why Choose The Law Office Of Alexander Brown?

If you are near Goodyear, Arizona, The Law Office of Alexander Brown is an invaluable resource when searching for an experienced, thoughtful, and trusted attorney. Alex’s specialized practice in the areas of family law, personal injury law, and immigration law in and of themselves highlight his passion for advocating for people and their families in his community.

Alex lives in Peoria, Arizona with his family and personally understands the importance and value of protecting families and their lives together. Alex is uniquely positioned by his experiences from practicing law and serving in the United States Air Force to achieve a remarkably high level of excellence and demonstrate impenetrable dignity in the face of stress and adversity.

These qualities, paired with his time-proven accomplishments and shown achievements throughout his life and in the courtroom are not the things that make Alex a trusted and successful attorney. Rather, they are the results of his character and the dedication to the work he does and the people he does it for.

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