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Common Types Of Visas Applied For In Order To Enter The US

In this article, you will learn:

  • Important considerations of you have overstayed in the US
  • How an attorney can benefit you
  • Vulnerable aspects of immigrants in the US and how some people take advantage of them
  • The current state of the DACA program

Most people initially apply for a tourist visa with the intention of extending or staying over. Legally, their intention needs to be just to come as a tourist and leave, but what we’re seeing is people come in as a tourist and end up staying past their expiration date. It’s probably because these tourist visas are the easiest ones to get.

The Safest Next Steps For Someone Who Has Overstayed Their Tourist Visa In The US

The fact that they came in with a visa is actually a good thing, and we can help them a lot more than someone that came in illegally. The fact that they came in illegally with a visa, whether the visa is now expired or not, qualifies them possibly for an adjustment of status to become a resident. There’s a lot of other factors that apply to qualify for residency, but the fact that they came in with the visa is a big help.

The Benefits Of An Immigration Attorney To Apply For A Permanent Visa Or A Residency

Like any other case, technically you don’t need an attorney, but there’s so many legal obstacles and barriers that must be crossed that I always recommend having an attorney at least to give you advice.

The Prevalence Of Clients Who Have Tried To Handle Their Immigration Issues On Their Own Without An Attorney

We get a mix of both. A lot of them come in where they’re ready to go, they just don’t know what steps to take yet. So, we guide them through the entire process, we hold their hand through it, and get them from beginning to residency. If they do come in having already started the process on their own or with someone else, not an attorney, what ends up happening is they lose all the money they already spent on their application, and we usually have to start over for them.

The Most Common Reasons That A Visa Application Would Be Denied

Usually, it’s because they’re not being 100% truthful with the attorney, because if we know absolutely everything from the client, then we can figure out ways to help them get their residency. But if they don’t tell us absolutely everything, we’re going to find out eventually, and oftentimes, it’s after the government has already denied the application.

The Recourse Someone May Have Once Their Visa Application Is Denied

It really depends on the reason an application is denied. So, if it’s a reason that is not incurable, then the process stems from there, and they don’t have any resolution after that. But if it’s something that we can fix, then of course we do. One of the examples of not fixable is a serious criminal record or multiple deportations; things like that.

Why Someone Should Avoid Being Deported From The US In Terms Of Future Immigration Eligibility

Being deported could result in you never getting status in the United States. I’m not saying it will always, but it could. That’s why they want to avoid a deportation at all costs.

The Factors That Make Immigrants Susceptible To Predatory Companies Peddling Immigration

I think that what people are looking for at first is cost. So, they’re going to run to people that are not licensed or are not attorneys because they’re cheaper per se. But what ends up happening is the work doesn’t get done correctly, and they don’t have an attorney there to accompany them to any of their interviews with immigration, and they get turned away. So, they actually end up spending in the end more than they would have if they would have just hired an attorney.

The Current Status Of The DACA Program Today

DACA is open to certain children that have arrived between certain years. So, they have to be under 31 years old as of June 15th, 2012. They have to have come to the US before their 16th birthday, have to have continuously lived in the United States from June 15th, 2007 until present. They must have entered the US without inspection or fell out of visa status, which means that their visa expired before June 15th, 2012. They also had to have been physically present in the US on June 15th, 2012, that’s the date that the law passed. So, it’s basically an amnesty that the president passed that day. That’s why June 15th, 2012 is so important. Another big requirement is that they have to have graduated from high school or gotten a GED, have no felonies, no significant misdemeanors, and no more than three misdemeanors of any type, and they cannot pose a threat to National Security or Public Safety. Those are just the qualifications for being eligible to get DACA. Once they get it, it’s even harder to keep.

Potential Avenues Of Immigration Relief For Victims Of Human Trafficking

There are special visas available depending on what crime they are a victim of such as the U-visa, the T-visa, or the Violence Against Women Act, and those visas are a direct path to becoming a resident.

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